Local SEO encompasses quite a few areas so we created a series of posts to give you a roadmap. If you do everything in all of the posts in this series, it will help you dominate local search. We recommend you do them in order but if you must, go ahead and skip around as needed. Some areas may need more work than others for your multi-location website. If you need any help at all, book a call. The initial meeting is free.

Google My Business

Create Other Business Listings

Keyword Research

Creating Keywords

Analyze Keywords

Create Great Title Tags

Create Great Meta Descriptions

Optimize Images

Optimize Anchor Text

Go Mobile

Use Headings & Sub-Headings

Optimize URL Structure

Use Schema

Increase Local Citations

Get Positive Online Reviews

Create Social Media Profiles

Track, Track, Track

Audit Your Competitors

Local SEO for Multi-Location Providers

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