Visual content is taking over the internet in case you haven’t noticed. Need proof? Go take a look at your Facebook newsfeed, which if it’s anything like mine is packed with visual stuff ( images, memes and videos) and they all want your attention. If you are a stat lover, check this out. 87% of the most-shared posts on Facebook contain IMAGES, and posts made up of visual content score a whopping 189% more engagement than those that are just plain ole text.

You’ve probably noticed the rise in marketing via visual content. Simply put, it is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to market to come along in a long time. The good news is there’s still time to make this work for you and your business too.

5 Ways For You To Use Visual Content in your Marketing

Create an Infographic – Infographics are an awesome new form of visual content that has taken the internet and the marketing world by storm. They are increasingly easier to create and they are exciting and new . You can get really creative and offload a ton of information into an infographic. Visitors to your site, social media channel etc. can then share the graphic and that leads to direct traffic and backlinks.

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Videos – Let’s face it, video is huge right now. It’s versatile, people love to share them (after watching them of course) and they also boast the ability of being simple to create in a number of forms. You can create and publish simple slideshow videos, web cam videos from your computer or laptop, live in person on location videos, short informational videos (6- 30 seconds long!) … the list goes on. A popular form of video right now is the video sales letter. Videos are excellent for generating traffic.

Develop Unique Imagery – Creating unique images to use for your marketing has become super easy. It’s sort of a rule now that images accompany text in your marketing and it’s up to you to come up with these. The images can be re-purposed and used on your social media properties and in your videos. Unique images help you get more traffic and links because visitors love visual content.

Screenshots – Social proof is all the rage nowadays. Potential buyers want to know you walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Screenshots are a really easy way to convey social proof in a visual way.

Google Reviews

Data Shares – Data can be your best friend. Graphs and charts make it easy to illustrate data through visualization. Concepts that are hard to express in words are much more fully understood with an accompanying data share.

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