Now that you learned how to install WordPress, you need to know that your blog needs to have some sort of impact. You want to stand out so you attract readers, subscribers and ultimately, profits.

Here are a few tips to make sure your blog is as awesome as it can be:

Tip #1 – Be personable. Each post is a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Make them laugh, make them cry, inspire your readers and motivate them. In addition to your content, your design also impacts the connection you make. Include photos, audio and video blog posts. The colors, layout and images you choose will help create a personality.

Tip #2 Make your blog easy to read by adopting user-friendly formatting, fonts and type size. Images, short paragraphs and subheadings also make your content much easier to read.

Tip #3 Provide superior content. While your posts can be entertaining, they must also provide value, educate, and inform.

Tip #4 Mix it up. Use audio, video and print content to keep your content active and interesting.

Tip #5 Take advantage of useful widgets and plugins. For example, if you participate on Twitter or Facebook, you can include a widget that prompts readers to follow you or one that posts your Twitter conversations in the sidebar.

Tip #6 Market your blog. Use directories, social networking, search engine optimization and other marketing tactics to drive traffic to your blog and build readership.

Tip #7 Encourage comments. Active blogs are well-read. To encourage participation and comments, ask questions, acknowledge comments and encourage discussion.

Tip #8 Blog Consistently. This is critical if you want to be successful. Utilize PLR, guest bloggers and your own content to keep the posts consistent and up-to-date. Several times per week is ideal but even once a week will put you ahead of most.

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