Resell Web Hosting

Being a reseller allows you to provide hosting to your clients without having to pay out hundreds of dollars per month for your own web hosting server since you pay per account. With our reseller program, you pay NO setup fee and we do NOT require that you have the highest plan for your own site. Custom nameservers are also provided at no charge to you. With custom nameservers, when someone does a whois on a domain name, it would show and for the nameservers rather than ours which are and If you do not want custom nameservers, you are welcome to have your clients use our nameservers.

You provide the support to your clients and you bill them. We bill you and deal only with you unless you request that we work directly with a client for some reason on an issue. We do not expect you to know everything at first so we are YOUR line of support until you are comfortable and even afterward for issues that you can not handle. We ask that when you email us with a problem, you have at least attempted to recreate it, include as much information as possible, and send us the error message, if applicable, to help us troubleshoot the issue. Most of the support requests you receive will be very simple things because the server is extremely reliable!

We offer 50% off of our prices to our valued resellers!!!

As a reseller, you have the option of adding the account anytime during the month and not paying til the first of the next month. If you do this, do NOT use this order page until the 1st of the month when you are ready to pay for the account. You will have already added it through your WHM, web host manager.

Register for an account and then email us so we can set you up as a reseller. Then you can start ordering web hosting and earning money on each account that you resell!

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