Kindle Books – Lost Innocence and Guilty Pleasure by Janet Lococo

One of my clients has recently added two of her books on Amazon in the Kindle version. They’re only $2.99 each so go check them out today.

Lost Innocence by Janet Lococo

Lost Innocence by Janet Lococo



Jacquelyn Sophie Champagne is eighteen years old in July of 1953, and can’t wait to leave her tiny south Louisiana hometown. Unlike most girls her age, she dreams of independence rather than becoming a brood mare for some dumb-ass Cajun who will rule the roost. She wants MORE…of everything!

After surviving sexual assault at an early age and stalking at college, she accepts a job in New York City, already in love with a man from lower Lafourche who wants to live in a houseboat in Cut Off, Louisiana, for the rest of his life. She can’t have both!
Which will she choose?





Guilty Pleasure by Janet Lococo

Guilty Pleasure by Janet Lococo


Guilty Pleasure continues Jacquelyn Champagne LeRoux’s story. It is twenty-five years later. She suffers a tremendous loss at the sudden death of her husband and only lover, Cameron. Only four months after his death, she meets widowed surgeon, Ignatius Moretti, and feels immediate attraction. Her interest in another man feels wrong, however, so soon after the death of her husband. She is awash with guilt, shame, and feelings of betrayal that are only strengthened by her mother’s attitude.

Will she find love and happiness again? Or is she doomed to a life alone. Find out by reading the book.






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