Coaching: Create your highly profitable coaching program

To create a highly profitable coaching program you must first be an expert in something. Don’t worry, you are likely an expert in more areas than you realize. The trick will be targeting your coaching offerings to a specific target market. You’ll do better if you keep your coaching very specific and targeted toward a niched down audience.

Perhaps you run a cooking blog and have written several cookbooks. Maybe you’ve made a killing in article marketing or by building various niche websites. Possibly you have created many successful WordPress websites for others and this is your expertise. Or, you have a very organized family life and you blog about it online and have a huge following. Whatever it is, you can create a highly profitable coaching program around your already profitable and successful niche offerings.

When you create your highly profitable coaching program you should have multiple entry points for your potential clients at various prices from free to low priced, to mid-priced, to very exclusive and expensive. For example, offer a free eReport, eBook or a free email course first to pull them into your marketing or product funnel. Via this program you market your automated email coaching that is accomplished via an autoresponder at a reasonable price level. To those who sign up for that program you can offer access to your “inner-circle” which can be comprise of a limited number of participants who have access to your membership website that drips information to them depending on when they signed up, as well as giving them access to webinars, phone conferences and more.

Finally, you can offer your most exclusive one-on-one coaching to only a very few select individuals who really want it and are really serious about implementing your suggestions. The way you know that someone is serious is that they are willing to pay a nice amount of money for very exclusive access to you and your knowledge. If someone is not willing to pay a high price for exclusivity, then they aren’t your client.

The truth is, your time is your most valuable asset which is why you want to bring your exclusive clients through your product funnel toward your best offering which is access to your time. It is most affective to have multiple entry points, such as your book in print can be a way of entry to your online offerings. A free webinar can be a way to get people to buy your book and your information. Your information can be a way for your clients to learn about your coaching, and so on. You can mix and match this in many different ways to achieve multiple sources of revenue from what is essentially one product – coaching.

Your new highly profitable coaching program all comes down to packaging your expertise in such a way that it will create multiple entry points for your highly sought after one-on-one coaching program. You will leverage the offerings you already have, eBooks, eReports, articles, blogs, services and products into brand-new packages in the form of print books, eCoaching, exclusive membership sites, webinars, and more. Naturally all of these products and services invite clients and potential clients to use the products you use, to try the tools you like, and to follow your lead. That is why you’re the expert.

Glennette Goodbread, Owner
Premium Web Design and Hosting

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