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Web Hosting Terms – Billing – refunds

For customers who have purchased a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual plan and wish to cancel their account before the end of their plan, Premium Web Design and Hosting will refund the balance (this does not include setup fee, overage charges as described in the above paragraph, and additional item charges) of your account, however, Premium Web Design and Hosting will charge based on the full monthly rate for services rendered. Premium Web Design and Hosting will not approve any transfer where there may be an outstanding balance, all accounts have to be current and checks cleared by your bank and your refund will be mailed to you within 10 days of your cancellation notice or as soon as check clears whichever comes first. Premium Web Design and Hosting does not refund for less than a 30 day period so if you choose to cancel, the next monthly anniversary date will be considered your cancellation date. If you cancel and your plan had no setup fee, a fee of $49 may be added to your balance to cover setup and domain name registration charges.

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