Lesson #4: Google Places: Getting to the Top and Staying There

Now that you have added your listing and you are maintaining it, it’s just a matter of time before you are getting new customers and increasing your sales using the internet!

Now that your listing is set up and claimed, it’s time to boost your ranking. Most business owners make the mistake of letting their listing sit once they complete it. That’s one way to lose business for sure.

Google loves activity so stagnant websites and GP listings get pushed down the list by more active listings. By being active, you are “raising your hand” to let Google know that you are still in business and want to be seen.

If you routinely maintain and add to your website and Places listing, the big G will reward you nicely.

What can you do to keep your website and Google Places listing moving to the top?

1. Keyword research is the first and most important step to search engine optimization. You need to know what people are actually typing into the search engines when looking for your product or service. Not only that, but you need to know how many searches your keyword is getting each month.

Good keyword research is the only way to know for sure what keywords you should be using when optimizing your website and GP listing. These keywords should be used (not stuffed) in your Google Places listing to help tell Google what your business is about.

2. As mentioned in the last lesson, customer reviews play an important role in optimizing your listing. Getting customer reviews should be an on-going initiative in your business and should never stop. The more reviews you have, the more love Google gives you. This is the ultimate way to let Google know that you are alive and kicking. Plus, people are more likely to do something if they see other people doing it. Be sure to constantly add testimonials and reviews to your website as well.

3. Keep your actual website active by constantly adding content to it as well. Websites built on blog platforms are perfect for this. This is why we use WordPress. A blog is a place where people post constant updates and articles related to their business, industry, products, services, and many other things.

Follow the steps outlined in this lesson and you will leapfrog many of your competitors.  “Activity” is the key to having a website that Google likes.

So to recap:

Keep your GP listing updated with things such as coupons, videos, and photos.
Keep your website updated with fresh, unique content.

This is your recipe for top rankings and more customers, more sales, and more profits.

The next lesson will be on FAQ’s About Google Places.

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