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SEO Techniques That You Can Use For Your Business Website

Mar 16, 2021

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice that optimizes your website to enhance its ranking in search engine results. The result of successful SEO is increased quality and quantity of web traffic on your site. Effective SEO is the cornerstone of a strong web presence for your business. 

What can SEO do for your Business?

While it is true that paid advertising and marketing through social media platforms generate some web traffic, search engines are the main element in driving online traffic to your website. Even websites with excellent written content and images will likely falter in the search results without a well-structured SEO strategy.

Here are some SEO tips to improve search-ability and web traffic for your business.

Five important SEO tips you need for your Business

1.   Keyword research

The core of effective SEO is understanding what people are searching for online. Keyword research is the process of learning what specific words and phrases your potential clients type into the search engines when they are seeking the kind of services you offer. Once you know what keywords people are using to find information related to your business, you can create content for them that is relevant and useful.

2.   Improve your technical SEO 

Technical SEO is the nuts-and-bolts of optimization of your website pages so Google’s algorithm (and those of other search engines) can find and index them. Even if your written content is excellent, your site will not rank highly in the search engine results if your SEO is problematic.

3.   Link building

One factor that affects how search engines rank your website’s quality is the number of internal links (links to content within your website)your site contains. Also important are backlinks, which are when other websites have links to your content. Link building helps the user, and it also lends credibility to your site when high-quality external sites link to your business.

4.   Write for people, not search engines

A common mistake is to write content using deliberate keywords strategized to drive search results. This practice is a mistake. Write compelling pieces of content. Ask yourself how this content will be helpful to the user. The more compelling the writing, the more time a user will spend on your website. Search engines like Google measure the average time users spend on your site and push websites with strong engagement to the top of the search engine results pages.

5.   Utilize local SEO

A local SEO strategy utilizes the above principles but must apply them to your immediate location. This technique is how you end up ranking in local searches like “attorney near me”. You want your website to scream local. Above all, make sure your NAP (Name, Address & Phone #) matches your GMB listing, and be sure to mention your city/state whenever possible.

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