Local SEO Best Practice #6 – Great Title Tags

Once all the research has been done, the next steps to improve local SEO actually happen on the page, and it all starts with the title tag.

A title tag is the title that’s shown in the search engines as the title of the webpage. It also appears at the top of the browser of any webpage. And when it comes to content, the search engine algorithms place a lot of importance on them, as they really give the robots and algorithms an idea of the context of the webpage’s content.

But what makes a great title tag?
— They are less than 55 characters.
— The business’ name is clearly visible.
— They include one primary keyword that has high volume and is highly relevant to the business.
— Use keywords close to the beginning of the title tag, if possible.
— Title tags should be unique, with each webpage having its own title tag.
— When focusing on local SEO, the geographic location should also appear in title tags.

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