Local SEO Best Practice #18 – Audit Your Competitors

Let’s just put it out there. You often want to audit your competitors. Every business wants to know how their competitors are ranking higher, am I right? What we really want to know is if they are doing better than them. Some business owners will visit the store or inquire among mutual customers but no matter how they do it, they generally keep an open ear for news about their competitors. That’s human nature so it’s certainly nothing to feel bad about.

The good news is that you can audit your competition and their local SEO efforts to see how they stack up, where improvements could possibly be made, and where they have an edge over your business.

Performing local SEO audits on competitors isn’t difficult, although it can certainly take quite a bit of time if you aren’t using software. One way to audit your competition without software is to do google searches for the keyword phrases that bring money in for you (as well as some that don’t) and find out where they rank. It takes longer without software of course but it can certainly be done.

Are they ranking higher than you for any important keyword phrases? If so, try to figure out why. Do they have the keyword in the title but you don’t? Do they use the keyword phrase on the page more times than you do? In reality, it’s just checking all the same steps and Best Practices that have been mentioned but tracking them for the competitor. This may involve checking out their Twitter profile, or their Google My Business listing. A quick search of the competitor’s name in Google will bring up relevant results, as will searching for reviews and citations.

it’s important to audit your competitors and their Local SEO efforts. This way, you know what you need to do to increase your rankings. because, just like all other areas of business, it can help one see where in relation their business stands.


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