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Lynn Terry's Elite forumSometimes I come across a resource that makes me wonder “How could I not already know about this?” Lynn Terry’s Elite forum is one such resource. I have been on the internet developing and hosting websites since 1999 but until a couple months ago, I had never heard of Lynn Terry or of her elite forum.

Lynn has a website called Self Starter Weekly Tips where she teaches Internet Marketing. By the way, Internet Marketing is simply the marketing of products or services over the internet which covers oh let’s see, just about every website out there! If you’re reading this post, most likely you can benefit from learning about internet marketing.

The elite forum is what Lynn describes as a “private mastermind and brainstorming group.”

Now that I am a member, I’m kicking myself. But how can you kick yourself for not doing something when you didn’t know you should be doing it?

Another such forum is. Since joining, I have gotten so much great feedback and the best part is I get to help others and give feedback in return! Mom Masterminds has a forum but there’s also a Learning Center with tons of content.

When you need to tweak your sales letter, figure out how to do something in WordPress, or get feedback on that awesome idea you have for a new business, pop over to one of the forums. Not only do you have access to professionals like Lynn and Kelly, there are countless others ready to help you out!

Both groups do weekly calls and members are invited to ask for feedback.

What I can tell you is this. For the price these ladies charge, it’s a STEAL! The free resources and special offers you can take advantage of will easily pay for your membership. The things you can learn how to do … wow.

So now, YOU can’t say you didn’t know!

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