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coachingA good coaching program can deliver results in multiple ways if you plan them right. Every expert should consider starting a highly profitable coaching program in addition to the other services and information that they already offer. The reason is that selling your expertise as a coach can pay off in multiple ways. The most important aspect of your coaching business is to stay within your niche of expertise to demand the bigger money.

Targeting your niche down when offering coaching is more important than in any other aspect of your business. The reason is that when coaching you can only be an expert on so many subjects, and to be a coach that delivers excellence to clients you’ll need to be a real expert. Developing that expertise might take some time, but it’s likely you’re already an expert in the services you offer. So stick to what you know.

You can make multiple streams of income off your coaching program if you plan it out correctly. Think of your offerings as a funnel. You all probably know about the funnel buy now. But think of it this way; The funnel is wider at the top and smaller at the bottom. You should offer different types of coaching at various levels from the least expensive coaching to the most expensive coaching at the bottom of your funnel.

At the widest part of your funnel you offer your least expensive items and even free items to whet the appetite of your target market for more information. You give them inexpensively or free an eReport, or free email “coaching” via auto responder in exchange for the client signing up for your newsletter. Then you encourage the people who have signed up for that to purchase your book or more in-depth email coaching program which is also by autoresponder but has more details.

Next, you encourage your clients to sign up for your membership drip website which has even more access to your information and you. Those membership site participants are invited to sign up at for your inner circle which offers more information and more access in a smaller group setting and these are the people who have more straight-shot access to you via webinar, phone conference calls and more. Perhaps you might also offer these people a chance to work as affiliates for your programs keeping it very exclusive and members only.

Finally, you get to your biggest offering which will be offering one-on-one coaching with you for a nice chunk of cash because your time is very limited (thus valuable) for this endeavor. You should not need to have 20 weekly clients or more one-on-one clients to make a living though coaching. Technically you should charge enough for this one-on-one access to be able to have one client a week and make a good six figure income. This is only possible by creating multiple avenues for clients to take advantage of your coaching which creates multiple sources of income for you.

As you can see by offering these different avenues to coaching you are creating multiple sources of income just from your coaching program. You already have sources of income from your main niche so this is a way to move your business to the next level and be a real expert in your field.

Glennette Goodbread, Owner
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